Onward to Salt Lake City!

In the Rocky Mountain west, Salt Lake City, Utah stands alone in terms of its unique geography, location, history and culture. Short distances separate the Great Salt Lake, a thriving city and some of the snowiest mountains to be found in the lower 48, making for a pretty eclectic environment.

A place we return to often, this thriving urban hub possesses a wonderful mix of city-dwellers, explorers, outdoor adventurers and – last but not least – photographers. In terms of proximity of major cities near us here in Missoula, Montana, we consider Salt Lake City to be practically a neighbor! We love introducing and providing our brand of photography education to this fantastic community and always leave having had a great experience with the enthusiasts who join us. This time around we’ve got the experienced team of Tony Rizzuto and Eileen Rafferty imparting healthy doses of photographic wisdom upon the crowd. Because it is a major urban center, as well as the state capital of Utah, we tend to draw folks from across the state and the region including Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming and Colorado. So get ready, SLC, RMSP is coming to town!

If interested in keeping your focus – pun intended – on photography after the weekend, consider joining one of the active photography groups below in the Utah area. What better way to stay active yourself than by being connected with like-minded enthusiasts?!

Salt Lake Photographic Print Society
Salt Lake Fine Art Photography Meetup Group
Salt Lake City SmugMug User Group
Cache Valley Photographers (CVP), Cache Valley SMUG
SLC Photo Club
Wasatch Camera Club
Ogden Camera Club
Utah County Smugmug Users Meetup Group
Provo Photography Meetup Group
Utah Photography Club Meetup Group
Crossroads DSLR Photography Club
Portneuf Valley Photographic Society
Rocky Mountain Photo Council

Join us for the Salt Lake City Photo Weekend on February 18-19, 2012. Also, consider furthering your education with our Foundation WorkshopBasic Photography in Salt Lake City with instructor Lynn Hoffman-Brouse on June 23-29, 2012.