Next stop, Sacramento, Californ-i-a!

In February, we return to the land of golden opportunities, speaking both historically and photographically. Our upcoming Photo Weekend in California’s capital city of Sacramento wasn’t scheduled by us without good reason. One of the more populous states in the nation harbors photographic opportunities in abundance all along the length of its north/south orientation. Glorious mountains, gentle rolling foothills, dramatic coastlines, fertile valleys, blazing deserts and thriving metropolis’ all contribute to the landscape that is the Golden State. It’s no surprise that we draw crowds from all over the region of Northern California when we return there. In addition to the Sacramento Delta area, we see folks from the San Joaquin Valley, Marin County/Bay Area, Truckee, Lake Tahoe and even Reno, NV attending our event. Making a commute over the High Sierra mountain range is no easy task! Also, many of our Workshops and Career Training alumni hail from the region and join us to reconnect with the RMSP experience. For these many reasons, we’re excited to be returning to Sacramento to help ignite the passion for photography we all share with the vast, enthusiastic community located there. Tony Rizzuto and Tim Cooper will be your inspirational guides at this fun event. California, here we come!

If interested in keeping your focus – pun intended – on photography after the weekend, consider joining one of the active groups below in the Northern California area. What better way to stay active yourself than by being connected with like-minded enthusiasts!

Sierra Camera Club
Northern California Council of Camera Clubs
Sacramento SmugMug User Meetup Group
Sacramento Nature/Event Photography Meetup Group
Sac Area Shutterbugs Meetup Group
Stockton Camera Club
HUB Camera Club
Nevada County Camera Club
Menteca Camera Club
Diablo Valley Camera Club
Rossmoor Camera Club
The Contra Costa Camera Club
Central Coast Counties Camera Club Council
The Marin Photography Club
The Modesto Color Camera Club

Join us for the Sacramento Photo Weekend on February 11-12, 2012. Also, consider furthering your education with our Foundation WorkshopLightroom on the Road in Sacramento on April 26-29, 2012.