New year, new ideas – the RMSP Daily Image

As some of our regular followers have known for some time (yes, I mean you, Barry!), for several months now we’ve been attempting to post daily images taken by the RMSP staff and share them with you on the blog. We called this the “RMSP 365 Day Project.” It has become apparent that to keep this up was becoming a bit challenging simply because our staff is busy while in the office, and our supply of images was becoming limited. So, in order to freshen it up a bit, we’re going to do things differently. From now on, we’re going to call this feature the “RMSP Daily Image” and we plan on showing off a broader variety of outstanding work on our blog. Daily, we will randomly select an image from our humungous library of images submitted to us by staff, past students and contributors to the monthly assignments and post it in this feature. Yesterday, daily image #114 was the first such image taken by Career Training 2011 alum, Alex Teas. Today is the 115th Daily Image and we’re proud to share one he calls “Scattered Jewels” by one of our most avid followers and submitters of work, Barry Grivett. Thank you all for your support, contributions, feedback and enthusiasm.   We hope you return to the blog daily to see if one of your images has been chosen to grace this feature!