Career Training for International Students

Did you know that RMSP welcomes international students into our five-month long photography Career Training program? Did you also know, that because we do, each year we have a small contingency of overseas or neighboring-country students grace us with their presence throughout the summer and fall months here in Missoula, Montana? It is a huge honor that these adventurous individuals entrust us with their photography education and that they are willing to make some very long journeys to join us each year. Where do they originate from, you may ask? Over the history of the school, we’ve educated people from the United Kingdom, France, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Australia, Tasmania, Finland, Austria, India and Taiwan, to name a few. The eclectic background and cultural diversity they bring to the Career Training program experience is immeasurable for both their fellow students and the RMSP staff.

It is not without somewhat of a process for international students to make this work. This involves obtaining an M-1 student visa through the U.S. State Department before their enrollment can be finalized. The visa process involves a scheduled interview with their home country’s U.S. Consulate representative which is arranged on the government’s schedule. As you can see, preparation is key in ensuring that a visa can be obtained and then make all of the necessary arrangements to spend the summer and/or fall in Missoula.

For any non-U.S. citizen reading this who may be interested in the 2012 Career Training program, keep in mind that it is better to send in your registration materials as soon as possible so your visa process can begin.  As it is the beginning of the new year and our Summer Intensive course begins June 4th, 2012, six months ahead is not too early to do so. This would be the very first step to becoming an enrolled RMSP student. Here is a helpful link to student visa information on the U.S. State Department’s website.

In addition to obtaining a student visa, and to first become a Career Training program candidate, the basic requirements such as proficiency with the English Language and intermediate computer navigation skills are a must. Due to the intensive nature of the experience, these requirements become necessary for any of our students to successfully complete the program and receive the full benefit of our style of education. Otherwise, they would be coming from a great distance away for a potentially less-than-ideal learning situation, and who wants that? Certainly not us! We will do our best to help prepare you for what to expect while in the program.

For those interested in further details,  please feel free to contact our Career Training Specialist, Wendy Ford at  She will be happy to guide you through the details of registration, enrollment and obtaining a student visa to help you get you on your way. Feel free to contact me, the author of this post, as well.  As the Programs Specialist for the school, I am also able to answer your questions. I can be reached at and will be glad to hear from you!

As was said by the Chinese philosopher Lao-Tsu, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.  We hope the magic of your particular journey to RMSP, foreign or domestic, begins with the first huge step of initial contact with us. We’re here to help!