December’s Assignment Gallery – Patterns

We can tell when we have a winner of an assignment usually by the volume of submissions we receive in response.  December’s assignment, Patterns, is a great example. Since identifying and interpreting patterns in the human brain is as creative a process as taking a photograph, the result of the work submitted is a broad, collective tapestry of color, design, abstract and literal thought.  The hope of these assignments in the first place is to encourage our reader-photographers to go out and shoot something different – or differently – that may be outside of their normal inspiration to shoot in the first place. When it strikes a nerve like this, we couldn’t be more pleased! A huge overwhelming “thank you” if you did submit your images, whether you’re a steadfast repeat contributor or a brave first-timer. Bravo!

And when a photographer chooses to shoot with this assignment in mind, sometimes the act itself creates a moment in their lives they don’t expect. We’ll include one such story by Anne Abernathy that she sent us along with her images. In her own words:

“Last night I was at Garden D’lights (an outdoor botanical garden lit with Christmas lights) working on my ‘homework’.  While photographing a woman came up to me and asked if I could email her some of my photos.  I explained to her that I wasn’t taking ‘normal’ photos and showed her a few images on my camera’s LCD.  Her eyes lit up and she said, ‘Even better!’. She wanted to show the photos to her mom who has Alzheimers.  She said her mother can speak a little but can no longer read or write.  She said her mother loves looking at colors and patterns…  I had not mentioned the assignment she specifically brought up, ‘Patterns’…”

Wow! Now that’s what we call inspiration! Enjoy the work…and we hope you keep on doing your “homework!”

If you’re interested in submitting some images for our next assignment, find out what it is here.



One thought on “December’s Assignment Gallery – Patterns

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Barry Grivett

Thanks to everyone who contributed their imaginative and inspirational images: after viewing your submissions, I’m seeing patterns EVERYWHERE and LOVING it! You’ve REALLY opened my eyes.

Of course, everyone will have their personal favorites; I especially admire/enjoy Genevieve Fix’s Tire Track w/jaunty angle; Melanie Wright’s standout Pumpkins and Pews (semi-abstraction); Scott Fuller’s striking close-up of a Wasp Nest & Susan Wolfe’s moody Raindrops (w/tree). Bravo and another big thanks to everyone!!

Finally, I’m delighted to see my photo associate Dick Stahlke join the mix.

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