Alumni Friday – Michael and Jesse Crowe

In 2007 Missoula, Montana native and resident, Michael Crowe, decided to take the proverbial leap of faith in photography and join us for our Summer Intensive Career Training course. No easy task considering that she was several months pregnant at the time. Having been an excellent student, photographer and model, she quickly added first-time parent to her list of titles shortly after graduation. The following year, we saw a familiar face in the Summer Intensive class of 2008. Michael’s husband Jesse, who had been quietly lurking in the background during her SI experience, also decided to take the leap. Apparently, he picked up the photography bug during Michael’s experience and wanted to learn as much as he could by attending SI himself. A creative guy in general, Jesse is a consummate wood-worker, musician, proud papa and now, photographer.

So what was the mad-scientist scheme behind wife, and then husband, attending SI in two consecutive years? It was to eventually own and operate – in tandem – their own portrait and wedding business here in good ol’ Missoula. As you might imagine, there is no shortage of professional photographers in this town and it is no easy task to enter into the field and survive. After several years rearing their son to an age of less dependency, they have been slowly working toward their goal and are in business…and growing.

Here’s a rundown of what they’ve been up to: shooting weddings together, portraits (family, engagement, maternity, newborn, seniors), commercial projects (architecture, editorial), fine art for local retail sale, assisted at Missoula Help Portrait, shot most recent United Way of Missoula ad campaign (will be displayed on downtown Missoula light post banners Jan. 1st-26th, 2012) and TRYING to take pictures of a SUPER busy 4 year old!  And his dog.  They don’t always shoot together, but when they do they tend to have a lot of fun.  In their own words, “We are loving Montana and are thankful to be able to reside in such a beautiful place! We both agree that RMSP was an amazing experience.  It changed our path for the better.  You can learn a lot about photography from classes, the library, the internet, other people, but you won’t have the immersion and guidance that comes with attending RMSP.  It gives a solid foundation on which to build, and plenty of experience to grow from.  You are all an incredible team!”  Thank you, Michael and Jesse…and we happen to think you two make a pretty awesome team yourselves!

To see more of this dynamic duo’s work, visit and their Facebook page.


6 thoughts on “Alumni Friday – Michael and Jesse Crowe

Brenda Joyce

Hi Bob,
Your photos are great However, perhaps you should persuade RMSP to hire a professional writer to write your biography. The writing is appalling. it is full of cliches and written in the passive voice. Sadly, people think if they can literally write, they can write. My Uncle Fred can operate a camera…doesn’t make him a photographer.


Hi Bob,
Just letting you know that I used to work with Michael and persuaded her into going to the school because I felt she was extremely talented as a photographer. But you have a lot of odd information in your article and I would like to suggest you re read it and understand some of the information doesn’t make sense. Michael and Jesse are great people with a lot of talent and this article just doesn’t do them justice.


Thats my Aunt and Uncle!(: So proud of them 🙂

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Bob McGowan

Thank you both for your comments and suggestions. All of the information written here about the Crowes I either know firsthand or had obtained from them beforehand. I have consulted with the source again and am confident this is an accurate description of the professional activities of these two very talented people.

Pat Gleason

Hello Bob McGowan!
Wow, you certainly have some literary critics out there!
Personally, I thought it to be a fine article!
As far as B. Joyce, perhaps she should publish her own articles?

I will be contacting you in the near future!


Pat Gleason

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Bob McGowan

Thank you, Pat! Looking forward to it!

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