Need Holiday Gift Ideas? Start here!

If you’re find yourself among the 99% of people who haven’t finished (or…um…even started) their holiday shopping, we can proudly say you are in good company! But are we panicking? Are we freaking out? Not even close! As we say out here in the west…this aint my first rodeo! As experienced last-minute shoppers, we know there is sill plennnnnnty of time. Right?

From straps to lenses to cameras – and even the more out-of-the-ordinary gifts – photographers are easy to buy for.  However, in case you are in need of a little push to get your mind going, help has arrived. Here are a few ideas:

1)  Of course, we might be a bit biased on the first gift idea, but can you blame us?  Naturally, we’re talking about a gift certificate for anything we offer at Rocky Mountain School of Photography. Good towards any course from Italy to Indianapolis, any product we carry (T-shirts, camera straps, hats) and available in any dollar amount, we’re pretty much a one-stop shop for the holiday season.

2)  Next up is a little gift that might not be your first choice when you think of buying for a photographer, but we’re guessing they’ll appreciate it nonetheless. We’re talking about the Shot Glass Lens Set. Totally clever. And since it’s available in both Nikon and Canon, you don’t have to worry about offending your photo friends. Plus, this item could lead to some interesting new “fine art” images.

3)  Perhaps you have one of those little devices that even Annie Leibowitz claims is her go-to camera, the iphone. If so, you know how handy and capable these phones, cameras can be. So why not go the extra mile and make your iphone photos even better with the ALM OWLE Bubo for iPhone 4 / 4S. This little device comes standard with a full size lens and an external microphone that captures audio.

4) Ever find yourself painted into a corner? Of course you have! Well, with the corner picture frame now you can have something pretty awesome to look at when you are there (and there WILL be a next time.) Put this gem in the corner of your choice and maybe you’ll look forward to your next painting project!

5) If you are reading this post in a coffee shop or airport, you might want to close your laptop a tad, or shade your ipad screen from your neighbor…because it’s nasty. No really….it’s even in the name. Talking about the Nasty Clamp of course. All jokes aside, yours truly has one of these devices and think it’s pretty much AMAZING! Clamp one end on to almost anything and attach a flash and pocket wizard or camera to the other and you’re off to the races. Couldn’t be easier.

6) Looking for some camera bling to add to your outfit for the annual Ugly Holiday Sweater Party? No problem. These lens bracelets will do the job nicely. Another good use for these: wearing one for each lens in your bag so you can easily remember what you are carrying.

7) And you will probably want to take some cookies to that Ugly Holiday Sweater Party, right?  Well, in that case you might as well take the camera theme all the way. The camera cookie cutter set from Photojojo will make it easy to be the envy of your fellow party-goers.

8) On the slightly more practical side, every photographer in the world could probably use some more storage space. External hard drives are crucial for storing and backing up files. Our friends at B&H Photo Video have you covered for whatever size drive you are looking for. And it might be worth mentioning that students in our Career Training and Workshops programs qualify for the B&H EDU Advantage program which offers special pricing for students. All the more reason to jump back up to #1. Just sayin’…

9)  While this 9th and final gift idea isn’t something you can purchase, wrap and place under the tree, it might just be the best gift of all.  Chances are the photographer in your life spends most of their time behind the camera. Why not turn the tables around and let them be the subject. That’s right, give them the gift of a photo shoot … of them!  If you don’t have any experience, or a “fancy” camera or even the first clue how to arrange a shoot, it doesn’t matter. Giving any photographer the opportunity to be on the other side of the camera will prove to be an invaluable experience. And they will come out of it with some pictures of themselves…which they probably don’t have many of.