September’s Assignment Gallery – Back to School

 We can always tell when one of our assignments is a bit on the challenging side just by the number of – or lack thereof – submissions. This month’s challenge was to capture Back to School. We had only one person submit for this and is a telling statement that it just didn’t quite resonate with the bulk of our readers or that we weren’t quite clear in the first place. We’re okay with that, just is interesting to see what strikes a chord and what doesn’t. Doesn’t mean we won’t highlight these excellent images by a first-time submitter, Rosalind Gallespie. We happen to think she put a lot thought into them and nailed the intention, and thank her for doing so. Please enjoy!

Consider submitting for next month’s assignment!

One thought on “September’s Assignment Gallery – Back to School

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Barry Grivett

Iconic, storytelling images!

I had hoped to submit something but was out of town & off-line a full month–-a week longer than expected. For ‘the record’, my only two ideas were (1) a 40-year old image of my oldest son at the school bus door on his first day of grade school & (2) a shot of an historic/traditional one-room schoolhouse.

My personal thanks to Rosalind for her contributions.

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