Alumni Friday – Jimmy White

From the onset of his life, Jimmy White has been destined to be near water…and ever since graduating from the Career Training program in 2009, he’s been taking his camera IN the water.  Here’s his biography – as is – from his website:

“Jimmy White is a professional photographer and writer based in Bradenton, Florida.  His interest in photography began when his father gave him a used Canon FT during one of their regular fishing trips to the Florida Keys (ca. 1980).  Since then he has continued distilling his own photographic viewpoint on the world around him.”

In 2009, Jimmy decided to change his life’s focus.  After more than 12 years of practicing law as an estates and trusts attorney he resigned from his practice to devote his full time and energy to photography and writing.  In conjunction with this monumental change, he immersed himself in our intensive Career Training program.  While in Missoula, he was fortunate to train with many renowned professional photographers and developed a special interest in the power of photography to support environmental conservation initiatives.

The oceans have always been a major influence in Jimmy’s life, so it’s not a surprise that marine conservation is now a primary focus of his work.  Currently, Jimmy serves on the Board of Directors of Sea To Shore Alliance, Inc. (a Florida-based conservation organization working globally to find solutions to reduce threats to endangered aquatic species), and is currently in Missoula again working as an assistant in the very Career Training program he graduated from in 2009.  Jimmy’s photography and writing have been published in the St. Petersburg Times, Scuba Diving Magazine, Bay Soundings Magazine and in the 2010 book, Photos for the Gulf, (a collection of photography and writing which was created to raise funds to support Gulf Coast cleanup efforts). His work has also been used to support the efforts of Sea to Shore Alliance, Inc., the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the Tampa Bay Estuary Program and the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program. Just last month his amazing image, Circle of Life, was featured on Photo Shelter’s website. Aside from photography, Jimmy enjoys spending his downtime surfing, scuba diving, fishing and traveling in pursuit of those activities.

Jimmy has been an integral part of our current Career Training student’s experience. All of the alumni who have returned to RMSP to work as assistants for the program have left their individual stamp on this experience, and their time here is quickly coming to an end this year.  For the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting each of these special photographers, artists and impactful people. In this instance, we acknowledge and thank Jimmy White for all he has done for RMSP and the students this summer and fall!

See this guest article he wrote for this blog awhile back.

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Steve Russell

Outstanding images, Jimmy! They keep getting better and better…

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Suzie Thompson

I’m so happy for you Jimmy! Well deserved. Awesome!

Rita Pignato

So proud of you Jimmy. This is well deserved; and keep on doing what you do. Miss you.

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