Extra! Extra! New Photoshop Tutorial Series by Mark S. Johnson- Photoshop Impressionism!

To the many fans of uber-creative artist/instructor Mark S. Johnson, the way in which he sees the world is one of pure inspiration and creativity that can’t help but be infectious to others.  If you’ve ever had the fortune to be taught Adobe Photoshop creative techniques by him, then you know what I’m talking about. Well, he’s at it again with a brand new video tutorial series he is calling Photoshop Impressionism.

In his own words here is a brief description from his website: “In this series of 11 video tutorials, I encourage you to dispense with the traditional way of thinking about photography and consider a different approach––one where you embrace the idea of conveying an emotion or idea rather than merely documenting an event or setting. If you are interested in transforming your photographs from literal depictions to unique, evocative works of art using Photoshop techniques that don’t require a background in painting or illustration, then this series is for you. None of the techniques covered are difficult to accomplish, yet each one transcends the concept of merely pressing a button or applying a basic filter. Instead, each is designed to open your mind and unlock your creativity. “

A unique approach to Photoshop and photography if I’ve ever seen one. I encourage everyone who is a visual artist to explore their “inner Monet” and give this series a try! I know I will.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity, please visit Mark’s website at www.msjphotography.com.

*Mark S. Johnson will be teaching a workshop for RMSP next year entitled, “Creative Composting; The Impressionistic Photograph” taking place June 16-22, 2012 in Boulder, Colorado. If interested in more details, please contact us at (800) 394-7677 or at workshops@rmsp.com.