Reflections: August/September Assignment Gallery

This month’s assignment asked the photographer to depict reflections – or the act of reflecting – with their images.  It seems this assignment really struck a chord with our creative readers. Since the word itself can mean many things, our readers interpreted its meaning in many interesting ways. So much so, this assignment broke a record for the shear number of submissions we received. The result is one of the more beautiful galleries we’ve had the pleasure to share. Photos are listed alphabetically by first name.  Enjoy!

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Al Green

Autumn Tigart

 Barry Grivett

Bill Jarvis

DL Caquelin

Ed Strong

Gail Reba

Gary Steinfort

Genevieve Fix

Harlean Tobin

Jane Clark

Jane Coelho

Jason Meredith

Jim Lemire

John Griner

Julie Thorton

Margery Diamond

Mary Beth Allen

Michael Godin

Michelle Hamilton

Mike Weimer

Melanie Wright


Moe Whouse

Ron Hall

Scott Fels

Scott Fuller

Tony Bynum

Vartkes Peltekoglu

5 thoughts on “Reflections: August/September Assignment Gallery

Profile photo of Karen


These are great!!!

Profile photo of Bob McGowan

Bob McGowan

Thanks, Karen! Yep, I agree. Everybody did a spectacular job with these images. Truly impressive. Please check out the gallery again for Tony Bynum’s work which I had inadvertently omitted. They are worth the second look!

Tony Bynum

Wow, fantastic, you did get a lot of interest in that theme, and what a great set of images! Well done!

Scott Bury

Wow!!!! Fantastic pictures. Truely inspirational…as a aspiring wildlife and landscape photographer, makes me want to head out and shoot, shoot, and shoot some more.

Profile photo of Bob McGowan

Bob McGowan

That’s the whole idea, Scott: Inspiration. Hope you’ll submit your work for future assignments!

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