2 thoughts on “RMSP 365 Day Project: Day 82

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Barry Grivett


I’m missing your ‘Raspberry’ image already; and, looking forward to making my own version. How cool is that: one of your images replaced by another!

Right away, I was drawn to “Twisted”; even though, the treatment & twigs don’t fit together naturally with the bottle–for me. But then, maybe that’s another ‘twist’.

I love your title.

Do you have your own studio? If not, where/how do you do your set-ups?

For anyone who may be interested, I have & occasionally use (set on a couple stools), a 20″x24″ platform with a 28″ tall backboard made of 1/4′ plywood. Mostly, (despite convention) I use natural morning light from a SE facing window which then bounces off a SW facing white wall. As necessary, I modify that with diffusing material &/or a reflector.

Thanks for sharing.

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Melanie Wright

Thanks, Barry! The bottle is an antique apothecary container; I thought the faded aqua color would be a nice complement to the warm tones of the background and aged, reddish-brown of the border.

Thanks for sharing your table-top setup. My “studio” is my dining room that has lovely north-facing window light. I set up a light stand with a boom arm and attach my backgrounds to the arm with large binder clips; the backgrounds drape over the table. I use a large scrim to diffuse or reflect the light. A very simple setup. Some day I’ll learn to use studio lights.

By the way, I cropped the fork/raspberry image as you suggested and I like it SO much better. Thanks again for your input!

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