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Monday mornings are hard enough but it’s even more difficult to come to work and find out that a amazing colleague has passed away. Nancy Rotenberg, a photographer, an amazing instructor, and an inspiring woman lost her battle with cancer August 27th. We will miss Nancy’s unbelievable creativity, her vibrant personality and her amazing ability to inspire her students. Her method of teaching people to connect to their own photographs went far beyond that of many photography instructors. She was loved by her students and they followed her across the country from school to school and beyond. Her inspiring vision as a photographer will be missed but her incredible spirit will never be forgotten.

We will miss you Nancy.


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Barry Grivett

Well said; fortunately, I’d heard she was seriously ill & was somewhat prepared.

Of course, there is no way to ‘like’ this post. We can only cherish her, her work & her inspiration.

Joan Herwig

Thank you for this marvelous tribute to Nancy Rotenberg. She has made a big impact on me both as a fabulous photographer and as a remarkable person. What a lasting and incredible contribution she has made to this world. I do wish she could have been around for a couple more decades! However, her images and words will continue impact many more lives.

Joan Herwig

Sharon Atkins

Nancy Rotenberg changed my “photo-taking” life. What an awesome teacher. What a tragic loss to the creative world. Was blessed to have met her and be taught by her. RIP, Nancy.

Ken Baehr

Nancy was a friend, a mentor, and an inspiration not only to my photography, but to the way I live my life. Thank you for your kind comments. As Nancy said in her last letter, “I have had a good life. I was privileged to receive love and honour and the spirit of all things beautiful. Please do not be sad that it was short – it was full.” We will miss her.

Robert Bridges

I met Nancy in 2003 at a workshop in Callaway Gardens. She was awesome!
She taught me to “go beyond the handshake” and pounded it into me to “shoot from the heart.” For years I kept these seeds of wisdom alive though I would tease Nancy that I’d be happy to shoot from the heart if only she’d tell me what Fstop that was.

Seriously, Nancy inspired me – the nurtured me – she was a teacher, a mentor, a friend. It was Nancy who planted the seeds that have now started to bare fruit – Now, I do see and shoot from the heart, I see the magic and I dance with joy and gratitude……and it all started by accident for I’d wanted to do a workshop with someone else and ended up with Nancy.

Namaste Nancy.

thank you so much

robert bridges

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