Twitter: An Inspiration Gold Mine

The whole vernacular of Twitter – tweet, tweeting, tweeted, etc. – denotes some kind of bird language gone suddenly viral. What the heck is Twitter? Why use it? What has it contributed to society at large? How can it help with connecting, inspiring or even doing business? As a primer, here is a great introduction that came across my path one day – you guessed it – via Twitter.


Although I’m no expert, Twitter is by far one of the more fascinating online micro-broadcasting tools for sharing or discovering inspiration. With the single “tweet” or broadcast being limited to a maximum of 140 characters, a Twitter user is forced to be brief. Little messages of ideas broadcast into the overall information “cloud” permanently.  Links to anything can be shortened and then broadcast to fit within the 140-character format. This opens up endless possibility for sharing of information. I look at it as more of a compass pointing me in online directions where  I wouldn’t normally go, all based on my particular interests. If I perform a category or conversation search using a so-called  “hashtag” (#) such as #photography,  for example, once that becomes a search term in my Twitter stream, other tweets with #photography in them will appear. These are various and random thoughts, opinions, links, etc. that flow in my direction and can become overwhelming to constantly monitor… so I don’t. But once in a while little gems come my way that I take note of, “retweet (RT),” post on our Facebook page or include in a blog post here on Paper Airplanes. Photography is a universal passion and the “twitterverse” is full of others wanting to share and learn.

Since Twitter has become an essential marketing tool for business, there have been various tools created to help follow the “conversation” taking place about any particular business interests on  Twitter itself is a mere platform and rather clunky, in my opinion. Other more user-friendly and efficient Twitter monitoring websites work much better for this, and is my personal choice. It takes some time to get acquainted with its various functions, but once you do, you’ll be able to jump right in. You’ll have to first start an account with Twitter, though.

No matter who you are, the internet has more than likely influenced your world of tastes and opinions. How could it not? It has helped bring together folks from divergent backgrounds from all parts of the globe. Maybe you (and I) are among the many who might describe themselves as social media addicts. Twitter, along with Facebook, are part of the social mainstream now.  Twitter is how breaking news stories are shared first-person, how business is done, how grievances are aired, how love notes are written, how an emphasis on each other is a way to gain attention to one’s self without being obvious. We are all connected this way. The best of ideas and creativity can be appreciated by millions rather just a few…instantly.  It has created a whole new culture on the planet. Some say for the better and some say for the worse. In my case, social media is a constant source of inspiration and education…oh, and entertainment. Maybe Twitter could be for you as well?


Below are just a few photography related posts and links that have inspired me thanks to Twitter.



This article, Creepy, Crusty, Crumbling: Illegal Tour of Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans was a great twitter find (first link below).










Urban exploration, Abandoned Six Flags, New Orleans

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Photoshop World: You Got the Write Stuff? Blog

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And my personal, all-time favorite Tweeter is @ttyping_monkey. Here’s one of his typical tweets: “gmdfjodg!raqk?”

Happy Tweeting!

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2 thoughts on “Twitter: An Inspiration Gold Mine

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Barry Grivett

Congratulations Bob: the opening paragraph sucked me in; as I read on & viewed your selected images I became further intrigued. I more or less ‘wasted’ about an hour on the captivating images & comments of the link alone.

I’m no “social media addict” or even all that sociable; but, I thoroughly enjoyed your introduction to twitter.

Thanks for bringing this inspirational resource to the forefront of my attention.

Profile photo of Bob McGowan

Bob McGowan

Thanks, Barry! Glad you viewed this as it was intended, as a means for inspirational resource. The internet is a vast place full of this type of material…and Twitter definitely will help you find it!

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