2 thoughts on “RMSP 365 Day Project: Day 81

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Barry Grivett


Lovely image: terrific idea; beautifully executed.

Being the crop-nut that I am, if it were mine–and, I wish it were–I’d crop the left & right just beyond the tops of the tines & most of the top into a ‘fine-art’ square with a traditional 1/3–2/3 balance below & above, respectfully, your ‘horizon’ on which your forks are set. For me, the handles of the forks do not contribute to this delightful image. I prefer simpler.

Still, your work is an inspiration!

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Melanie Wright

Thanks, Barry! I’m going to try that crop. I’m a bit of a “crop-nut” myself, but on this one I think I was so zeroed in on having something in the image, besides the raspberry, that added a little more contrast (the fork handles) that I didn’t even consider another composition. Thank you for the suggestion!

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