RMSP 365 Day Project: Day 77

2 thoughts on “RMSP 365 Day Project: Day 77

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Barry Grivett


Thanks for sharing your remarkably enjoyable image. It doesn’t seem to suffer from your chosen (up-the-nostrils) perspective. Despite the absence of catchlights, Marcy’s exuberance/vitality comes through clearly. That said, I can’t help wondering if a more conventional angle wouldn’t have been more flattering.

Ultimately, your image inspires me to be less afraid of unconventional portraits.

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Bob McGowan

Thank you for the feedback, Barry! This was an attempt to capture Marcy’s enjoyment of the moment without actually using the view finder. I was literally “shooting from the hip” and I got lucky. The highest compliment you could pay me is exactly what you observed about capturing her exuberance and vitality. That was my intention. I agree that a conventional angle is called for in certain circumstances but it wasn’t really what I was going for here.

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