One thought on “RMSP 365 Day Project: Day 71

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Barry Grivett

There is much to enjoy in your image; I’d love to visit. Wildflowers are always beautiful & almost always difficult.

For me, the path isn’t working: it is leading me out of your image more than into it. And, as your viewer, I cannot appreciate where it’s leading; there is no evident there there. Also, the trees at the upper right look as though they might fall over.

I almost want to just crop the right 1/3 of this image; but, better still, recompose so the path is working for you or ditch it.

It probably isn’t practical to bring a ladder to this site; but, I’d like to see it from a higher perspective. You might try snapping an image while raising your camera overhead on a monopod or climbing one of those trees. Just a thought.

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