Alumni Friday: Athena Lonsdale

If you have seen our 2011 catalog than you are familiar with this week’s alumni, Athena Lonsdale. Athena attended Summer Intensive in 2002. We love her images so much we not only chose one for the 2011 cover but we used as many as we could other parts of the catalog and on the website. Athena’s photography is well composed and tells a story with an ease and beauty like no other.

Athena has been photographing commercially for large advertising campaigns throughout Montana, including her most recent billboard campaign for Community Hospital. Her work has also appeared in magazines such as Runners World and Mama Lode.

Athena has also been busy photographing the Hellgate Roller Girls and other roller girls through out the Northwest. Her action shots are pretty amazing but it’s her lifestyle work that is out of this world.

See more of Athena’s work on her website and blog.