4 thoughts on “RMSP 365 Day Project: Day 69

Laura McHugh

I love taking photos while driving. Got a good one of a freighter heading out under the Golden Gate bridge a few days ago.

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Barry Grivett

Yes, yours IS a pretty picture; but, to this viewer, the clouds are overwhelming & minimize the mountain’s impact. Unless that is what you wish to communicate, I’d crop at least half (the entire dark part) of the sky/clouds–-giving you an appropriately silhouetted foreground, a beautiful subject in the middle ground & clouds for a background. As is, the clouds extend all the way to the foreground.

In any event, your image makes me want to be there. Thanks for sharing.

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Page Orb Pedde

Oh, I LOVE the clouds. I feel the power of a storm brewing in those clouds. I also love that this huge mass of clouds is slowly enveloping the mountain and the top left of the peak isn’t visible. Love it.

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Melanie Wright

I think the dark and brooding clouds lend to the drama of the scene, but I will try that crop, Barry. Thanks!

There was a storm brewing, for sure! Thanks, I appreciate your comments!

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