Parenthood-May Assignment Gallery

I have to admit, I’m quite partial to this assignment gallery. This being my very first year as a mom, I was really excited to see how people would interpret and photograph the theme, “Parenthood.” As usual, the photographers each brought unique images, experiences and ideas to the assignment. There is everything from animals parenting to the first contact between mother and child. Take a look!

Barry Grivett


Judy Horner

Deeya Maple

Al Greene

Steven Hodel


Steve Fletcher

Jenna Nord

Gregory Tapler

Mandie Snyder



2 thoughts on “Parenthood-May Assignment Gallery

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Barry Grivett

I envy those who were able to photograph our own species; my favorites are: Deeya Maple’s image & Mandie Snyder’s ‘3’, ‘4’ & ‘5’. But, thanks to all for sharing, mostly, the joy of parenthood.

Alexandra Calhoun

Mandie Snyder’s 5/ That’s me 15 years ago and today too. Although he is 6’4″ now! LOL

Many beautiful captures!

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