60 Second Exposure-June’s Assignment

What can happen in a minute? That’s what I want photographers to explore in this month’s assignment. The only requirement is that the exposure have a shutter speed of 60 seconds. The subject matter can be anything from streams to fireworks, people to inanimate objects, so long as as you leave your shutter open for exactly sixty seconds. This is a great opportunity to work with painting with light, ghosting, night photography, fourth of July fireworks and  blurred movement in general. So set your shutter speeds and let the rest happen as it may. Good Luck!

Submitting images:

Please send all submissions to pageo@rmsp.com. All images should be in jpeg format, 72 ppi, with the longest side of your image measuring 600px.


July 15, 2011
Submitted images will appear in an online gallery on Paper Airplanes, RMSP’s blog on July 20, 2011. All images will be used in the online gallery for this specific assignment only and will be copyrighted to the photographer. An email confirmation that your submission was received will be sent by July 18th.  If you do not receive the email confirmation, please contact pageo@rmsp.com.


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