Summer Intensive 2011 Begins

One week down, ten to go. Last Monday was the first day of Summer Intensive and the class of 2011 is going to be a great, dynamic group. Here is a breakdown of our students this year.

79 students
21 men
58 women
34 states represented
3 International students: 2 Canada, 1 UK

18-20:  10
20-30:  26
30-40:  17
40-50:  14
50+:  12

Our IT Specialist, Tony Rix, created a timelapse video of all the students arriving for the Orientation session. Take a look!

One thought on “Summer Intensive 2011 Begins

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Barry Grivett

The opening images are terrific: I’m guessing they are from your instructors; but, would be thrilled to learn they are from students. I enjoy the idea of Tony Rix’ time-lapse video; but, believe it went on a bit too long with little drama, comedy, etc. Just need some editing–for me.

Aside: After 11 weeks immersed in photography, it must be borderline traumatic to return to another life. Is there a 12-step program for those who must do so?

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