Alumni Friday: Deborah Espinosa

We love when our alumni are successful in their business endeavors, but it’s even more gratifying when they use their photography for the good of others. Deborah Espinosa attended Summer Intensive in 2006 and now makes photographs as a “tool for global advocacy.” On her website she states, “through documentary portraits, I capture some of the grace and soul in one little corner of the world for others to realize and experience…” She works as an attorney for Landesa: Rural Development Institute, a nonprofit organization that “works with governments and other local organizations to create tailored approaches to expand land rights to the rural poor.”

Deborah has spent a great deal of time in rural parts of developing communities around the world and has photographed many of the people her organization has helped along the way. Her images humanize the cause or as she states, “help personalize what is otherwise an often vague impression of the rural poor.” Her amazing images have been used by international non-profit organizations.

To see more of Deborah’s work visit her website.

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Deborah Espinosa

Hi Page,

Thanks sssooo much for highlight my work on your blog! I am entirely honored!


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