Flow: Wet Collodion Photographs of the Gulf Oil Spill

Last June we posted an article about Phil Nesmith’s incredible work on the Gulf Coast’s Oil Spill. Now we are lucky enough to have a collection of his work hanging in the RMSP Gallery for the next two months.

Rocky Mountain School of Photography Gallery is pleased to present Phil Nesmith’s, Flow, a series of wet collodion photographs on black glass plates taken on the Gulf coast in Louisiana and Mississippi in June 2010.

The Project
On June 8, 2010, Phil Nesmith set out for the Gulf of Mexico with his box cameras, wet plate collodion chemicals, black glass plates, and a portable darkroom to create unique glass plate positive images of the environment and people encountering the worst oil disaster in US history. He was able to gain access to places and people normally unseen by the public, including a helicopter flight to a relief well rig at the BP Deepwater Horizon site. The exhibition, Flow, presents a selection of these compelling images as a record of Nesmith’s personal encounter with the region and people.

By using historical process and methods developed at the earliest era of photography, Phil Nesmith has been reinterpreting the genres and visual language of the photographic image. His work forms a dialog with Chuck Close, Adam Fuss, and Sally Mann who have re-appropriated early photographic methods for their images. Phil Nesmith lives and works in Richmond, VA.

Flow will open Friday, June 3, 2011 at Rocky Mountain School of Photography Gallery located at 216 N. Higgins Avenue in downtown Missoula.


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Hey guys, looking forward to be back in Missoula during the last week of July!

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Page Orb Pedde

No Phil, we are looking forward to you coming back to Missoula. Can’t wait for your artist talk. The show is amazing by the way.

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