Alumni Friday: Forest Woodward

If there is anyone out there who truly follows their bliss, it would certainly be Forest Woodward. Forest attended the Career Training program in 2005 and has been traveling the world & photographing ever since. Forest’s undeniable talent caught the eye of iStock and Getty Images in 2009 when he was selected as one of 30 photographers based on their “potential for quickly taking to the editorial style.” He traveled to Istanbul to learn from some  the editorial industry including, Getty Images Reportage, and a few acclaimed photojournalists.

His images have been used in publications such as National Geographic, Men’s Health, Prevention Magazine, Passport, Ask Men, Science Daily, Momentum, and Forbes. Most recently he was featured in PDN’s 2011 Photo Annual with the image below. Inbetween traveling and earning accolades, Forest was a member of our teaching staff for four years.

To see more of Forest’s work visit his website. To follow his photographic adventures check out his blog.