POLL: What Lectures and 2-Day Classes Would You Want?

As soon as one thing comes to an end at RMSP, you can guarantee that we are already planning for the following year. Right now we are brainstorming for two of our popular local programs;  the Free Evening Lecture Series and our 2-day PHOTOfocus classes.
We want to hear what you have to say. Are there any topics of interest that you’d like to see in next year’s lineup for these two programs? Leave your suggestions in the comment section below. If we’ve offered something in the past that you’d like to see again, we’d like to know that too.

These are the Lecture topics we covered this year:

  • Sunny 16: Learn to shoot without a meter
  • Cameras and Lenses: What’s New
  • An Introduction to Exposure
  • Seeing in Black and White
  • Editorial Portraiture
  • Artistic Perspective I
  • Artistic Perspective II
  • Photographing your Child’s Sporting Events

And here are this year’s PHOTOfocus Classes:

  • Fundamentals of Exposure: F-stops and Shutter Speeds
  • Composition Fundamentals: How to Design a Better Photograph
  • Understanding the Basics of Adobe Lightroom 3
  • Youth Weekend: Express Yourself Through Your Photographs
  • Streets of Missoula: Documentary Photography

2 thoughts on “POLL: What Lectures and 2-Day Classes Would You Want?


I’d like to see more creative composition classes or lectures.

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Kathy Eyster

Can you ask Neil to post his Sunny 16 tips with example photos again? It was a fantastic article & one I would like to share! 🙂

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