Alumni Friday: Alexia Beckerling

Alexia Beckerling made the trek from her home in South Africa to attend the Career Training program in 2005. After completing Career Training she went on to further her skills by obtaining a Masters Degree in photojournalism at the University of Montana. On the landing page of her website she states that she is a “visual storyteller” which is almost an understatement. She does an incredible job of capturing a story and weaving it together with her images. The power of her images lies in the openness and sense of trust you see in the people she photographs. Each of Alexia’s images show her subjects in a genuine moment,  their actions are unaffected by the presence of a photographer. Its quite clear from the intimacy that she achieves, that Alexia is not merely documenting these stories but experiencing them.

Alexia has had work published in Bloomberg News, USA Today,, Irish Times, and Montana Magazine to name only a few. She has also had both solo and group exhibitions in Missoula, New York, Cape Town, France and Cambodia. To see more of Alexia’s work visit her website.

Alexia also wrote a great article for the RMSP blog about the World Cup last summer.