RMSP 365 Day Project: Day 53

The first in a lifetime of sand castles.

3 thoughts on “RMSP 365 Day Project: Day 53

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Barry Grivett

All right, I think I’m starting to get it: the ‘Sandy Toes’ are the only part of the image genuinely in focus–drawing our attention to the subject. Also, there are leading lines; but, out of focus so they do not capture & distract our attention.

I’m a big fan of shallow depth of field and good bokeh [I shoot nearly all my wildlife (except macro) with the lens wide open or nearly so; of course that helps with shutter speed too]; but, I don’t believe I’ve seen this technique used so aggressively.

Actually, I tried some “Sandy Claws” (dogs on a beach) shots for (alternative) Christmas images; but, didn’t think to try this technique.

Thanks for sharing.

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Barry Grivett

…and making me dwell on you image: excellent!

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Page Orb Pedde

Thanks for the comments Barry. Yes, I’ve been known to aggressively use shallow depth of field in images. I tend to like the look and feel it produces. I like a little mystery and softness. I’m glad this one made you come back.

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