Alumni Friday: William Rugen

William Rugen attended the RMSP Career Training program in 2005. William’s perspective on the world had led to a fantastic photographic commentary on life. For the past few years he has been dedicated to several personal projects that are pretty interesting and have been catching peoples attention. His Consumed project documents everything he ate over a year. The website is definitely worth a look and in itself is an experience. John Keatley, a Seattle based photographer, has a great post on his blog about William’s Consumed Catalog.

William’s other projects such as Western Dioramas, New Botanicals and Fair Judgement are also a fascinating combination of landscapes and life: lifescapes. His work has been exhibited in several galleries across the country. Just last night had an opening at the Core Gallery in Seattle. In addition to being dedicated to his own art, William works as a photographer’s assistant in the Seattle commercial market. To see more of his work, check out his website and blog.

2 thoughts on “Alumni Friday: William Rugen

bill rugen

I can say that I definitely like this work. Thanks for having me on the blog.

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marcy james

Bill I love the photo that you submitted. It is so inspiring to see where you have taken yourself and your ideas. I will always remember the series you created here too. I will never look at plastic toys the same again. Thanks so much for sharing your work!

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