Artistic Perspectives on Process: Part II with Marcy James

Watch the second part of Marcy’s Artistic Perspectives on Process lecture. View Part I here.

6 thoughts on “Artistic Perspectives on Process: Part II with Marcy James

Dave Carlson

Thanks for sharing the video, I’ve enjoyed hearing Marcy’s story. Did she really keep an axe by her bed?

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marcy james

Hi Dave,
Yes, I really did keep an axe by my bed. Living downtown was a wild experience. I survived numerous misfortunes all of which were balanced by some of the most life changing acts of human kindness. That place is filled with some of the most loving and generous people I have ever known and some of the most damaged people I have ever known. It’s an intense place. I think that I learned more about society there than anywhere else I have lived. Thank you so much for commenting on my video. I’m pleased that it resonated with you.

Dave Carlson

Hi Marcy,
Thanks for your reply. The depth of your human experience and appreciation for the diverse people of Butte really came through in your presentation. That’s what resonated with me the most. And how your experience with the place and people influenced your artistic vision. Thanks again for helping me to appreciate the value of complete immersion in your (my) subject.

Billy Howard

Beautiful and inspiring! Just what I needed this morning. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, inspiring us with your creativity and humbling us with your integrity.

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