10 Ways to Be a Greener Photographer

  1. Use a Digital Camera. This is pretty easy since most of the photographs these days are taken with a digital device.
  2. Use Recycled Printing Paper. Redriver paper offers GreenPix, made of 100% post-consumer Use Recycled Materials. “Unlike many post-consumer product papers, GreenPix™ has few surface imperfections. Photos come out clean and sharp.”
  3. Use a Local Digital Print Lab. If you don’t want to print your own images, go local but make sure the images are printed digitally and not with chemicals (they rarely are anymore, but it doesn’t hurt to ask).
  4. Carpool. The next time you go out to photograph, carpool to shooting locations with your fellow photographers.  Or better yet…
  5. Bike. Riding your bike to as many of your photography locations as possible. There are tons of companies making great racks and panniers for bicycles that would provide ample space for your camera gear. You may even discover new shooting possibilities along the way.
  6. Save Power. Make sure you are using the power save mode on all your electronic devices. The sooner the power save functions kicks in the less energy you waste. This includes checking computers, printers, hard drives, and cameras.
  7. Recycle Your Batteries. Rechargeable batteries come with many of our electronic devices. These batteries eventually lose their ability to hold a charge. Then what do you do with them? You can recycle rechargeable batteries. Check out this website to find a battery recycling center near you.
  8. Calibrate Your Monitor. If you are printing your a calibrated  monitor ensures that you wont have to print as many test prints.
  9. Donate Your Old Electronics. With the newest, faster computers, monitors and other accessories always entering the market, we go through a lot of electronics. Instead of throwing out old, outdated products, recycle them.
  10. Make Energy Effecient Electronic Purchases. Make sure that your next computer and especially the monitor (a big energy hog) are the most efficient ones you can get.