Conservation Photography

If the pen is mightier than the sword, so too are photographs. In this age of technology and visual communication, a photograph has a larger reach than ever before. No one knows this better then Robert Glenn Ketchum, James Balog, and Joel Satore. These three photographers have been using their cameras and their images to bring attention and awareness to environmental causes for years.

Robert Glenn Ketchum – For 45 years Robert Glenn Ketchum has been using his landscape images for the purpose of conservation. He has been particularly instrumental in the preservation of the Tongass National Forest in Alaska. Last year he received a ‘Partners in Conservation Award’ from Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar and the Department of the Interior for his conservation photography in Alaska.

James Balog has received numerous awards and commendations for his conservation photography. His most recent project is the Extreme Ice Survey which uses a combination of time-lapse and conventional photography to document the affect the global climate change is having on the glaciers. To further raise awareness about rapidly receding glaciers he created the Earth Vision Trust. The EVT’s mission is to use powerful images and compelling ideas to improve understanding about the environment.

Joel Sartore is a Nebraska based photographer who is committed to conservation especially in the Great Plains. Sartore has worked on assignment for the National Geographic Society for close to two decades and in that time has had the ability to photograph a wide range of environmental issues from the Gulf Oil Spill to the the Endangered Species Act.

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