Green RMSP

Earth Day is on April 22nd and RMSP wanted to kick off the celebrations by sharing some of our initiatives to help minimize waste and carbon emissions throughout the week. 

Water Bottles – In years past we have supplied bottled water for our workshop participants during field shoots as well as in the classroom. We potentially went through 2,300 plastic bottles during our workshops alone last year. This year Jeanne decided to add water coolers to our Missoula classrooms, encourage participants to bring reusable water bottles, and stop purchasing bottled water to cut down on waste.

Electronic Correspondence – Our program directors have made a big push for electronic correspondence with participants in the past couple of years. Our Weekends program started the movement by switching from paper mailings to email correspondence and workshops was soon to follow. This has saved us from mailing around 5,000 sheets of paper annually and almost as many envelopes.

Ride Sharing – In each of our workshops we strongly encourage our participants to ride share. There can be quite a bit of driving to get to the gorgeous shooting locations. We’ve found that ride sharing not only saves gas but also helps participants get to know each other better, enhancing their workshop experience.