Artistic Perspectives on Process: Part I with Marcy James

This article kicks off a series of videos created from last month’s Evening Lecture series here at RMSP. Marcy James presented her Artistic Perspectives on Process: Part I.

Listening to artists talk about their process and craft can be invaluable. Their insight into their own work can can help you generate ideas,  help you see the patterns that you’ve developed and either strengthen them or help you change them. Perhaps, above all else, listening to successful artists is incredibly inspiring.

Marcy’s presentation was based on her Butte projects. She moved to Butte for over a decade to eat, sleep, breathe and most importantly,  photograph. As she explained in her talk, Butte was changing and it was only a matter of time before the buildings and giant relics of a past life no longer held the stories she felt compelled to learn about, photograph and share.

Marcy was kind enough to let us film this lecture. We’ve broken the 2-hour talk into smaller section that we will post on the blog throughout the week. Enjoy!

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