Cell Phone Photography – March Assignment Gallery

Wow! There was an amazing response to this assignment. This was about as free form as assignments get. There were very few guidelines, no subject theme, no set dimensions. I didn’t even set a limit on the number of images that could be submitted. The only requirement was that each photo be taken with a cell phone camera.

The results are great and extremely diverse. Some people told me they loved using their cell phones cameras because it was convenient and always with them. Others found the lack of resolution or camera limitations to be a challenge. Something I found interesting were all the different apps that people used to give their images a certain look or feel. Fascinating. All images are in order of submission.

Laura McHugh


Tim Danyo


Elizabeth Wallen


Nicole Wickens


Lauren Grabelle


Beverly Coats


Todd Cliff


Paul Nicholson


Lucinda Barth


Julia Walkowicz


Trudell Van Burkleo

Brynn Griffin

Liz Giles

Sandy Jones

Sue Bakkila

Michael Gratz

Olga Hutchinson


Shonda Judy

Doreen Caquelin

Liz Murphy

Barry Grivett

Cara Bean

Phil Hanlon

Maggie Mae-Hymn

Kaija Jones

Marcy James

Kevin Porto


One thought on “Cell Phone Photography – March Assignment Gallery

mandie snyder

I would be interested to know what kinds of phone each photographer used…and if they used any apps to enhance their images.

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