RMSP 365 Day Project: Day 36

Photograph taken by receptionist Melanie Wright.

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Barry Grivett

Wow; terrific image.

The traditional part of me says: as presented, there are two pictures: the sky & the hills/land. The sky is so dominate it demands attention (as the obvious subject). However, the land(scape) is so compelling it, too, demands attention; but, not in a harmonious way. Initially, for me, a visual & mental shift was required: I couldn’t enjoy the sky & the land at the same time/I had to bounce back & forth. The nearly white upper 1/5 kept pulling my attention w-a-y up & the bright, but essentially featureless, LR corner pulled my attention down; yet, there was little to enjoy in either area. I thought: if this image was mine, & I wish it was, I’d crop all the semi-solid white top: right to the first large section of blue sky; and, I’d crop the bottom: removing the entire bright semi-triangle of light area–leaving a more harmonious but less startling (more ordinary) image.

Then, I thought, “No!”: I’m all for ‘startling’! That’s what I strive for.

I wouldn’t change a thing: I love it!!

Now, I can appreciate the entire experience.

Thanks for sharing.

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Melanie Wright

Barry – What drew me to photograph this scene was the golden light and the curved shadows on the hills. The clouds somewhat echoed the curves in the hills adding interest to the image. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for the comment!

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