RMSP 365 Day Project: Day 34

This photograph was taken by receptionist, Melanie Wright.

2 thoughts on “RMSP 365 Day Project: Day 34

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Barry Grivett

Wonderful: one can enjoy looking at it for a long time–perhaps, not quite again & again forever because it is not all that unique; but, it is as terrific an image of this subject as I can recall. I am bothered a bit by the triangle in the UL corner. Eliminating that distraction would raise the image another notch [Seth Resnick taught me the importance of eliminating triangles in the corner(s)]. Lovely image; great job.

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Melanie Wright

Barry – An instructor here at RMSP that I’ve learned a great deal from, Tony Rizzuto, also says that the eye tends to go to triangles in images; but I, honestly, hadn’t noticed the triangle in the corner. Thanks for pointing it out.

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