Elizabeth Stone’s Mission in the Bahamas

For the last two years, artist and instructor Elizabeth Stone has spent a week in January on a small island in the Bahamas to participate in a free spay and neuter clinic organized by the Bahamas Humane Society. While she was there she not only helped prep animals for their procedures, but also went out into the community to transport animals to the clinic and spread the word about the importance of having animals spayed and neutered.

Despite being busy with the tasks at hand, she also felt compelled to document the experience with her camera. Here are some of the moving images from the “Who Let the Dogs Out Spay-Neuter Clinic.”

To read more about the spay-neuter clinic and the group of Missoulians Elizabeth traveled with, read an article that ran in our local newspaper, The Missoulian, here.

Elizabeth was first compelled to photograph the plight of neglected and homeless animals in her project SMALL LIVES. This project was created to raise public awareness and funds for the effort to control animal overpopulation. SMALL LIVES is available as a handmade limited edition artist book. This book includes forwards written by Sissy Spacek, Rita Mae Brown and HSUS CEO and President Wayne Pacelle.  All proceeds help homeless animals.