Travel Photography: Making it Authentic

Traveling takes you out of your everyday life and immerses you in new experiences, surroundings, cultures, foods, smells, and sounds.  It’s a great way to keep your photographic perspective fresh. Armed with a camera, seemingly endless enthusiasm, and trigger-happy fingers, you document everything in sight hoping to capture these new experiences.

I can’t tell you how many times that, upon returning from a trip, I looked through my images expecting them to to take me back to a time and place, but was let down when they failed to do so.

So how do you fully recreate a journey in a two dimensional image? Elizabeth Stone and Tony Rizzuto focus on this concept throughout their week-long workshop in the Tuscany region of Italy. The first time they led the Bella Italia workshop together in 2006 they spent much of their time exploring the idea of creating authentic photographs while traveling. What they came up with goes beyond taking tours and photographing castles and cathedrals. It became about immersing oneself in the culture, observing the people, the light, the details that separate this new world from your own familiar surroundings. It’s easy to say “immerse yourself” when you travel, but it takes practice. Tony and Elizabeth nurture this perspective and help participants by scouting Tuscany for great locations to shoot (rough job!), and by incorporating experiences like a cooking class in which you prepare and photograph traditional Italian fare. Take a look at some of the images they took on their last trip together to Italy.

3 thoughts on “Travel Photography: Making it Authentic

Dave Carlson

I will attend this workshop and am SO EXCITED!!! I have almost completed Italian 1 to help me experience Italy through their language and highly recommend the Fluenz computer-based language learning (they also have French, Spanish, and Mandarin).

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Page Orb Pedde

Dave this is great! Knowing the language, even a little bit, helps so much when you travel. I speak a little Spanish and am alway amazed when photographing in Spanish speaking countries at how quickly people relax when I at least try to interact with them.
I’ve never visited I’ll have to check it out!

Dave Carlson

Page, Fluenz is a young company with a very dedicated group of users (including me!). Check their Facebook page. Also, not easily discovered, is their “Day One” free online demo. Working through this is what sold me on buying their product. See:

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