Butterflies and Anvils: A Photographic Journal

Instructor Eileen Rafferty has just launched an inspiring new project. She published her first issue of a quarterly photographic Journal entitled, butterflies and anvils. This journal is a continuation of the passion for creating art that she brings to all of her workshops and Career Training classes. In each issue there is an extensive artist’s interview, photographs, pieces of creative writing, and articles about technique and creativity. Take a look at the preview.

Visit Eileen’s blog for more inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Butterflies and Anvils: A Photographic Journal

Deb Ingebretsen

I received my copy of Butterflies and Anvils yesterday, and immediately went through it, page by page, reading every word, and absorbing every image. Beautiful; inspiring; really wonderful work! I can hardly wait three months for the next issue to be ready . . .

Profile photo of Eileen Rafferty


hi deb. thank you so much for the kind words. it’s so rewarding to hear your response being so close to what i hoped for in my head when dreaming up the idea for butterflies and anvils. spring issue is in the works! thanks for sharing!

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