Alumni Friday: Hailey King

One of the best parts about working for a photography school is the endless abundance of inspiration and creativity. Our students are frequently the source of this inspiration both in school and after they graduate. We have so many talented alumni that we decided that is only fitting that we use our blog as a place to broadcast their tremendous talent.  Starting today we will be highlighting one RMSP alum per week in a a post regarding their work. Whether it be in the form of a website, a juried award they’ve won, an exhibit, projects that they’ve been involved in or their photo-blog,  we are letting the world know – or at least the readers of this blog.  We are taking our “proud parent” discussions beyond the water cooler and sharing them with all of you.  And since our alumni community is growing all of the time, if you personally know of a past student currently producing excellent work, we’d love to hear about it, even if that person happens to be you! Feel free to forward the information to me.

For our first Alumni Friday post, we’d like to introduce you to Hailey King. Hailey graduated from our Career Training program in 2009. She took all three sessions; Summer Intensive, Professional StudiesWedding Photography, and Advanced Intensive. We’ve admired her work since she was a student and now many of us follow her blog which beautifully features food, photography and life.

One thought on “Alumni Friday: Hailey King

Robert Windel

Nice choice! I’m a huge fan of Hailey’s work. I’m always inspired to go shoot every time I look at her blog.

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