What Are People Saying About RMSP Weekends?

RMSP’s most recent Weekend event was right here in Missoula, Montana. Since these events are usually on the road, it was great to see the instructors teaching, the fun atmosphere and the excitement of the participants firsthand. Can you really learn much about photography in two days? We think so but don’t take our word for it. Here are some of the comments that we’ve received from our 2011 Weekend participants:

“The RMSP weekend taught me more in two days than any other workshop I have been in.”-2011 Houston Weekend Participant

“The RMSP Weekend reminded me how much of photography is about knowing the basics and understanding your camera. Once you understand the technical aspects you are only limited by your imagination and creativity. RMSP has reinvigorated my love of photography and I look forward to taking more classes!” -2011 Houston Weekend Participant

“The RMSP weekend workshop gave me a comfortable opportunity to familiarize myself with the artistic and technical aspects of photography.  It was challenging and informative, but in a reassuring way, that left me excited about my new skills, and ready to enjoy a whole new level photography.” – 2011 San Diego Weekend Participant

“This is the second weekend course that I have taken, and I wanted to complete the other half of the topics that I missed the first time. It was well worth the trip and reinvigorated my passion for photography.” – 2011 San Diego Weekend Participant

“This was a wonderful experience – great instructors, course offerings and organization of concepts!  Also, I thought the instructors were hilarious – that alone will keep me coming back for more instruction in the future.  Sense of humor – check.” – 2011 Missoula Weekend Participant

“At this stage in my life, photography gets trumped by many other priorities.  So a weekend packed with information that doesn’t bounce my checking account is exactly right for me.” – 2011 Missoula Weekend Participant