Blogging from PhotoPlus

Wow!  Our first day at PhotoPlus in New York City was quite an experience.  It was an amazing opportunity to see new equipment and learn information about cutting edge photographic gear and techniques.

So many well-known people from our industry are here.  Down one aisle you’ll find Peter Read Miller entertaining a group with his Sports Illustrated work, down another aisle there’s Bruce Dorn, Seth Resnick, Kevin Ames … and the list goes on.

Neil, Forest and I are here for our first time, while Marcy is a PhotoPlus veteran.  Forest and Marcy went to seminars all day to learn about video capture and editing with Vincent Laforet and Julieanne Kost.  Today they’ll be immersed in stock, flash and marketing.  Neil and I had a wonderful time walking the floor, seeing old friends and meeting some industry folks that we’ve never met in person but have associated with – some for many years!  We finally met Gary Halpern from PhotoMedia Magazine in person.  Marcy spoke to John Harrington, who taught business and marketing in our Summer Intensive program this past summer.  He’s just released his new book on doing assignments on location.

We saw our friend Joe Massa from Manfrotto and he showed us the latest in Kata camera backpacks.  They have a beautiful new update for their R-103 model which Neil has carried for years.  And of course, we were so happy to connect with our good friends from B&H.  In fact the icing on the cake was a wonderful dinner last night hosted by B&H where we spent time with Manny, Steve, Gabe, David, Tiffany, Zully, Mordy and many other awesome people.  You could not find more gracious hosts. And this morning we are heading to the B&H store for a personal tour!  Those readers who know Neil and Forest know that they are going to be in heaven!

It’s so exciting to see some of our Career Training alumni here at the show.  We ran into Suzie St. Pierre, Jared Alden and Sarah O’Keefe.  Marcy saw Melanie Little and the rest of us are going to keep an eye out for her today.  Tonight we are having dinner with Michelle Brady, an SI graduate who also taught in our program.

Should be another great day!