Happy RMSP New Year!

As many of our long-standing customers know, this is the time of year where we prepare to launch both the new versions of the RMSP course catalog and the rmsp.com website.  There will be an upcoming week where the website will be dormant,  but soon after it will go live again and  “the cat will be out of the bag”  with the complete 2011 course schedule being made public to the world in early October.  We’ve provided a few sneak peeks about the upcoming Weekends schedule on the RMSP Facebook page, and on this blog about the Callaway Gardens workshop that we’ve booked for spring of 2011. For those of you who have been faithfully reading our blog, we thought we would give you a few more teasers to contemplate if you might have photography on your mind and wish to take to it to another level.

So here’s a brief rundown of the some of the latest and greatest RMSP has to offer next year.

Career Training 2011:

Session 1- Summer Intensive: A Foundation in Photography, June 6 – August 19

Session 2– Professional Studies:  Focus on Your Career Path

Week 1, August 29 – September 2:

The Business of Outdoor Photography (w/ Darrell Gulin)

Editorial Portraiture (w/ Allison Leach)

Week 2, September 5 – 9:

The Modern Studio (w/ Heather Anne Thomas)

Documentary Photography (w/Ed Kashi)

Environmental Photojournalism (w/ Robert Glenn Ketchum)

Week 3, September 12 – 16:

Wedding Photography (w/Steve Winslow & Sophia Lane)

Food and Product Photography: Image to Market  (w/ Joe Lavine)

Photographing the Active Lifestyle (w/ Heath Korvola)

Session 3– Advanced Intensive: Professional Development and New Technologies,  September 19 – October 28


Weekends 2011:

Houston, Texas, January 15 – 16

San Diego, California, January 22 – 23

Missoula, Montana, January 29 – 30

Tampa, Florida,  February 12 – 13

Tucson, Arizona, February 19 – 20

Asheville, North Carolina, February 26 – 27

Salem, Oregon, March 5 – 6

Spokane, Washington, March 12 – 13

Louisville, Kentucky, March 26 – 27

Allentown, Pennsylvania, April 2 – 3

Fort Collins, Colorado, April 9-10

Springfield, Missouri, April 16 – 17


Old Favorites- Returning Workshops for 2011:

Bella Italia (w/ Elizabeth Stone and Tony Rizzuto), May 16 – 23

Intro to Studio Lighting (w/ Allison Leach), August 20 – 26

 Brand New Workshops for 2011:

Callaway Gardens: Georgia’s Springtime Palette (w/ Brenda Tharp), March 26 – April 1

Washington, D.C. – Beyond the Snapshot (w/ Eileen Rafferty) April 30 – May 6

Gardens of New York City, (w/ Allen Rokach), May 7 – 13

Basic Printing with Lightroom (w/ Kathy Eyster), May 15 – 20

Yosemite National Park:  Western Grandeur (w/ Lynn Hoffman-Brouse), June 4 – 10

Road Trip Montana (w/ Keith Graham), June 20 – 26

Light it Up! (w/ Zack Arias), August 27 – September 2

Summer in the San Juan Islands (w/ Eileen Rafferty), August 27 – September 2

Landscapes and Lightroom in Big Sky, Montana (w/ David Marx), September 10 – 16

Advanced on the Ranch, Big Hole Valley, Montana, (w/ Kathy Eyster), October 1 – 7

Portfolio Retreat at Healing Waters Lodge, Montana (w/ Neil Chaput de Saintonge and Eileen Rafferty), October 29 – November 4

Creating Videos with Your Digital SLR and Final Cut Express (w/ Eileen Rafferty), November 13 – 18

Old Favorites- Returning Workshop for 2012:

New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud (w/ Alison Shaw), February 9 – 20, 2012


Photo Focus Courses in Missoula:

January 22 – 23, Fundamentals of Exposure: F-stops and Shutter Speeds (w/ Doug Johnson)

February 12 – 13, Composition Fundamentals: How to Design a Better Photograph (w/ Doug Johnson)

March 5 – 6, Understanding the Basics of Adobe Lightroom 3 (w/ Kathy Eyster)

March 19 – 20, Teen Weekend: Express Yourself Through Photographs (w/ Eileen Rafferty)

April 16 – 17, Streets of Missoula:  Documentary Photography (w/ Linda Thompson)

Missoula Foundation Workshops:

Basic Photography

February 19 – 25 (w/ Doug Johnson)

June 11 – 17 (w/ Doug Johnson)

July 16 – 22 (w/ Doug Johnson)

September 10 – 16 (w/ Kathy Eyster)

Intermediate Photography

May 1 – 6 (w/ Tony Rizzuto)

July 24 – 29 (w/ Tony Rizzuto)

September 18 – 23 (w/ Tony Rizzuto)

Lightroom for Photographers

May 8-13 (w/ David Marx)

August 21-26 (w/ David Marx)

November 6-11 (w/ David Marx)


If any of this piques your interest and you would like to get further details and/or register, please contact us at (800) 394-7677. The following people here are happy to assist you:

Career Training Director, Marie Osborne at CareerTraining@rmsp.com

Weekends Director, Michelle Lousen at Weekends@rmsp.com

Workshops Director, Sue La Rose at Workshops@rmsp.com

Or yours truly, Programs Specialist, Bob McGowan at BobM@rmsp.com.

Of course, there’s more on the schedule than just what we’ve posted here…so keep an eye out for the complete calendar in the RMSP 2011 course catalog coming to a mailbox near you!  If you aren’t on our mailing list, you may be added by requesting a catalog here.

Oh…and in case you’re curious (and who wouldn’t be?!), below is a huge sneak peek at the 2011 course catalog cover (click on the image to see it full size).  Pretty cool, huh?!  That’s what we thought!  The image chosen was produced by Ms. Athena Lonsdale.

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