The Other Side of the Camera – Self Portraits

Artists have placed themselves in their own paintings, drawings and photographs for centuries.  But for many photographers it is a difficult move to go from being behind the camera to being in front of it. This may just be one of the most challenging assignments yet. It is important to remember that just because you are in the photograph doesn’t mean that you are the main subject. Some of the most effective self portraits have included just a portion of the person’s face, or even a mere reflection of the person in a window that is seen only upon second glance. Composition is still important in successful self portraits and the idea you are trying to convey with the image should be apparent.

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For this assignment you are asked to incorporate yourself into your photographs. Get creative! As much as I love senior portraits, I’m more interested in seeing how you interpret yourself as a photographer in your photograph. This may take some serious thought and several attempts to get something you like, but it’s worth it. Choose and submit three of your favorite images from your collection. Have fun!

Please answer the following questions:

  1. What was it like being in your own photograph?
  2. What was your biggest challenge with this assignment?
  3. What was the most exciting part of this assignment?

Submitting Images:

Please send all submissions to Please submit only three of your images from this assignment. All images should be in jpeg format with a maximum resolution on the longest side of your image at 600px.

Deadline: September 2nd, 2010.

Submitted images will appear in an online gallery on Paper Airplanes, RMSP’s blog on Sept. 10, 2010. All images will be used in the online gallery for this specific assignment only and will be copyrighted to the photographer. An email confirmation that your submission was received will be sent by Sept. 8th.  If you do not receive the email confirmation,  please contact

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