2011 Sneak Peek! Callaway Gardens with Brenda Tharp

This marks the first of our sneak peeks of workshops in 2011.  Although our new catalog and updated website won’t be ready until the beginning of October, we can’t help but share some of our upcoming courses with you.

In 2011 we are returning to Callaway Gardens in Georgia with instructor Brenda Tharp. This has always been an extremely popular workshop destination for RMSP because it is absolutely gorgeous. The garden’s 13,000 acres include oceans of azaleas, rhododendrons, mountain laurel, dogwoods and daffodils.  Arched bridges cross over ponds while calm pools reflect the vibrant colors surrounding them.  Overhead, birds of prey put on a display of power, speed and instinct while colors flutter inside the largest free-flight butterfly center in the U.S. It’s a perfect workshop for anyone who loves macro photography (because of the endless amount of flowers and insects) as well as those who love to photograph everything from details to vast landscapes of color and beauty.

Yes, the gardens are amazing but you also have the opportunity to work with Brenda Tharp, a fantastic photographer and RMSP instructor. She is attentive in the field and is incredibly skilled at critiquing images in a way that will only build your photographic knowledge and techniques.

If you have any questions about this workshop or would like to register early call our office at 800-394-7677 and speak with Bob McGowan.

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Hello RMSP People
I am just wondering; Are you planning on any Speed Light Workshops? That would be absolutely fantastic if you are… I know quite a few RMSP2008 people who would be interested in that.


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Good question, Mie! You might want to stayed tuned for our next sneak peek! 🙂


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