Black and White Tools

How exciting…

Now you are hopefully inspired to begin exploring the world of black and white. Not only can you capture images in black and white in your camera, but you can also convert your images to black and white in Adobe Camera Raw, Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture,..and the list goes on. Now, where does one begin to experiment? Are you into high contrast images or low contrast? Are you a purist or do you prefer a toned look? We offer workshops at RMSP that teach you about processing your images into beautiful black and whites. But just to encourage you to experiment with giving your color images a look from the past or a look into the future, the sites below may help inspire you on where to start so that you can give your digital images the look of toning, cyanotypes, vandykes, gum bichromate, infrared and more. These artists are doing the processes “old school,” but you can simulate the look without exposing you to harsh chemistry by processing your images digitally. Be careful…some of you may just get the darkroom bug under your skin. If this happens, know that you can shoot your images digitally and print them out in unbelievable ways…

If you love black and white landscape photography, you should watch this youtube video on Michael Kenna.

“Michael Kenna’s quiet approach to the environment provides a glimpse into the provocative and subtle serenity of landscape photography. Michael creates dream-like scenes by combining innovative and traditional photographic techniques. The results are soft, stark, enigmatic views of gardens, industrial sites, land, and seascapes from around the world. Water may become a sea of mist or the geometry of human intervention contrasted with a wispy cloud-filled sky. His photographs suggest contemplation and a poetic vision.”

© Photo Review, January 2003 by Carole Glauber

For Gritty Black and White Portrait Photography, Antonin Kratochvil portrays celebrities in a raw state.

Billy Bob Thornton had this to say about Antonin’s work:

“His photographs shine like diamonds and cut like a knife. They pierce you with beauty, horror, pain or empathy. Whatever is there in the moment-that, to me, is what it’s all about.”


We have all heard of Anne Geddes, portrait photographer, who is at the height of success, but how many of you have seen her black and white work outside of her calendar line?

Check this out for sure:

Here’s the last treat…

We all love flowers…but I have never seen them like this. Joyce Tenneson’s work of flowers, as well as her portrait work of men and women, is simply astounding. You can find it here.

There is more…so much more…but for now, this is what I have for you to help inspire you to play.