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If one’s life were valued solely by the meaningful encounters enjoyed with other people, then I could be considered one of the wealthiest people on earth.

My name is Bob McGowan. I am the Programs Specialist at RMSP.  My function here is to engage potential students and answer their questions about the school.  I am frequently asked to paint a picture of what our school is all about, what the experience is like, and what a person could hope to gain by completing our programs.  I liken my position to that of an air traffic controller, helping to make RMSP and Missoula, Montana a safe place to land for those attempting to “give their dreams flight.” (and since this is the Paper Airplanes blog, I think the analogy is fitting!)

Often, I find myself in the privileged position to hear many of the unique stories from the other end of the phone. Each one is inspiring, courageous and unfinished. There is always more to the story, and photography is an art form that helps people find their voice. The father who is fulfilling a promise to his deceased son to finally pursue his own passion, the wife and mother with two small children at home whose desire is to learn how to take better portraits…of kids, or the retiring corporate executive who feels like it’s time to make a career move that feels more rewarding to him personally. All are examples of the stories that drive people to seek new heights in their personal and professional lives.

I have listened to countless situations such as these that inspire me on a daily basis. The most common theme running through all of them is that of passion. People simply will not consider such a creative and unique pursuit unless an underlying passion is there to egg them on. The voice speaks to them so loudly that they will place their lives on hold for a period of time to dive head first into the pursuit of the dreams.

All of the staff here share this passion and honor all of these individuals who trust us with their educational and personal goals.

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It was great talking with you last week. Your passion for touching people’s lives is amazing. Thank you for your patience, your inspiration and you’re willingness to let me ramble in your ear.

I look forward to meeting you in 2012!


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Thank you for the nice comments, Kristina! It is always a pleasure to speak with fellow members of the creative community to which we all belong. We look forward having you join us in ’12!


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