Learning How to See in Black and White

Learning how to see in black and white can take time. We all instinctively see either in color or in black and white. One thing that can help you in developing your photographic eye is to look at images made by other photographers. This post will introduce you to some amazing black and white photographers. Every summer, I provide this list to our Career Training students to help them in learning what it means to ‘see’ in black and white vs. ‘seeing’ in color…what the impact can be…associations that come with one or the other…challenges in looking at the world in tones vs. color…and rewards. Removing ourselves from the reality of documenting our world in color allows for reinterpretations and observations of subjects that might normally be overlooked. …Check out these amazing black and white photographers.

“To look at everything as if you saw it for the first time takes courage.”