Photographing in Alaska

What is it about Alaska that makes it a prime destination for photographers world wide? Is the state’s remote location the allure? Or is it the unique idea that the sun never sets in the summer and we can photograph for hours on end that gets our hearts pumping and our shutter fingers twitching?

I asked Doug Johnson, who instructs theĀ Alaskan Adventure workshop, what he loves about photographing in the great wilderness.

I love the photographic experience in Alaska because of the diversity of the subject matter. The locations I have chosen for the workshop are some of my favorites. The abundance of wildlife in Kenai Fjords National Park is magical and the landscape scenery is amazing. The quaint coastal town of Seward is perfect for capturing working fisherman and harbor scenes. The fall color on Hatcher Pass is breathtaking and photographing Matanuska Glacier up close is surreal. Long days at this time of year allow lots of great shooting during the magic hours of light. Its a blast!